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Due to fuckery…

My New York trip dates are now Aug 26-September 3rd. Anyone going to the show at any point during those dates? I will be the sad girl in the corner missing my friends

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Had a huge mckittrick trip planned in September to celebrate my 30th birthday and redlipsandlostrings ’ 32nd, and my school has just informed me that I need to attend a non-negotiable TA orientation that week. Trip is fucked, and if I want to go earlier in the month it will be without my partners in crime. So angry and sad right now.

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Last week, my boss went to Sleep No More for the first time. When he visited my green room today, we talked up until my places call about what he saw, how he felt about the experience, and how it differed than what he expected.

Of course, naturally, when you get me going about SNM, I’ll talk…

This is just lovely.

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Ambient music played throughout show?

I’ve gone three times in the past month and have found most of the music online through help of tumblr blogs such as yours and others. Thanks! I’m looking for the droning ambient music you hear mostly in the stairwells and transition spaces…it seems to play consistently when a scene is not…

It’s a combination of several ambient tones… I spent a lot of my sound design class trying out various combinations of the stock ones from garage band. I haven’t found the right combo yet.


Music on the Jungle Cruise…

Music on the Jungle Cruise…

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Music on the Jungle Cruise…

Music on the Jungle Cruise…

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Rude - Vintage 1950s Sock Hop - Style MAGIC! Cover ft. Von Smith


Can we talk about how amazing and fantastic this is?!?!?  Post Modern Jukebox and the fabulous Von Smith.  I can only hope to catch one of Von’s shows at the Manderley on one of my future visits.

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Five Dances


"Five Dances" is finally available for rent or download on iTunes as well as Wolfe Video’s site (http://wolfeondemand.muvies.com/reviews/4257-five-dances). I’ve been dying to see this film since I first heard about it, but missed it in theaters. It features SNM and TDM alum Luke Murphy as well as Broadway performer Ryan Steele. Not sure how long it’s been available for rent/download—I might be late to the party here—but enjoy!!

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