Music on the Jungle Cruise…

Music on the Jungle Cruise…

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Music on the Jungle Cruise…

Music on the Jungle Cruise…

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Rude - Vintage 1950s Sock Hop - Style MAGIC! Cover ft. Von Smith


Can we talk about how amazing and fantastic this is?!?!?  Post Modern Jukebox and the fabulous Von Smith.  I can only hope to catch one of Von’s shows at the Manderley on one of my future visits.

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Five Dances


"Five Dances" is finally available for rent or download on iTunes as well as Wolfe Video’s site ( I’ve been dying to see this film since I first heard about it, but missed it in theaters. It features SNM and TDM alum Luke Murphy as well as Broadway performer Ryan Steele. Not sure how long it’s been available for rent/download—I might be late to the party here—but enjoy!!

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Goodnight Temple Studios

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Made with Paper.

Made with Paper.

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Sorry if you've already answered this question (you probably have)... What's your favourite 1:1? (sans spoilers :P)

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It depends—-  It’s hard to separate the scripted 1-1 from the experience of it with different performers.  If I am going strictly by script and not by the experience, I would probably say The Porter.  The Porter’s 1-1, done well, is probably my all time favorite.

But a long list of different performers in various 1-1’s have all had striking impact on me.  Here are just a few that come to mind:

  • Isadora’s Lady Macduff the night I went around the anniversary of my Mom’s death.  Serious mommy issues that night.

  • The first time I had the Taxidermist 1-1 was clearly the most terrifying moment I have ever experienced in the hotel (thank you, Jeff Lyon), followed in close second by Stephanie Eaton’s Nurse Shaw 1-1.  (The taxi 1-1 is the one where only the very first time you experience it can it have the true impact, and Jeff pulled it off perfectly.)
  • The Hecate 1-1 after I found the ring was also pretty awesome, if only because it was the culmination of a long journey that involved months of fun cat-and-mouse with both Elizabeth and Careena as Hecate, and Careena as Matron.

  • Cat deAngelis’ Danvers/Campbell was brilliant.  Her eyes are so expressive.

  • Tori Sparks’ Agnes.

  • The time Conor picked me for the Boy Witch 1-1 and we both got the giggles because I was in full-on Fat lady drag at Carnival des Corbeaux.

  • William Popp’s Malcolm, coining the expression “getting Popped” because it is such a perfect description of that experience, on so many levels.

  • David Botana’s Fulton, David Botana’s Boy Witch, David Botana’s Taxidermist.

  • Tony’s Speakeasy

  • Will “Jesus-Christ-Will-Seefried” Seefried’s Porter

Glamis here, and I have to concur about the Taxidermist 1:1. The only real freak-out moment I have ever had at the McKittrick was during my first experience with that 1:1 with Joe Poulson’s Bargarran. When he brought out the goods I became genuinely afraid and, as it continued, I actually contemplated running from the room at one point. I was honestly scared half to death. Looking back, of course, I was being ridiculous, but it seemed pretty frightening at the time. ;)

My first Taxidermist 1-1 was James Graber.  I already knew what was going to happen, thanks to some (unintended) spoilers.  In spite of that, he still scared the hell out of me.  So.  Much.  Fun.

First Taxi 1:1 was with Erik Abbott Main. And I did know some things but not everything and Holy shiz.

My first Taxi 1:1 left me retreating to the funeral parlor, sitting down, and crying. The entire loop seemed designed to scare me and unnerve me in every way. 

Thank you all that now I don’t feel so alone. 

Jesus Christ people… How was my Taxidermist 1:1 so different? He was so not scary, I loved him. Maybe because I’m morbid and absolutely loved the idea of poisoning another human. Megh’s Hecate scared the crap out of me. Taxi, not so much… he’s adorable. Kenna’s Agnes also scared me because of cow juice. 

James Graber’s Taxidermist 1:1 was terrifying the first time. I thought I might actually pass out about half-way through. It’s still one of my favorite moments in the show.

I wanna add to this dialogue.  My first was EAM.  It was brilliant, but I wasn’t.. scared that I can remember.  There is a certain moment of anticipation that was probably the most “oh shit” I’ve ever felt in the show.. but It was more thrilling than anything.  There was a lot of tension though, of all sorts.   

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My taxi 1:1 with Joe Poulson was the safest and most taken care of I have ever felt, and I can say with all sincerity that it changed my life (I talk about it in this post). Subsequent taxi 1:1s with other performers scared the pants off of me (creepy humming might have been involved).

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Just got the weekly McKittrick Schedule - if you can make it, run, don’t walk, to this one. Wish I could be there.

Just got the weekly McKittrick Schedule - if you can make it, run, don’t walk, to this one. Wish I could be there.

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Chris Hernandez on So You Think You Can Dance! Kill it, kid

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Broken tooth and all, he’s a champ.